Schools’ Head 2016 – Girls J16 Ch8+

With 16 entries, this will easily be the most competitive WJ16 eight event of the entire season. At National Schools Regatta this spring there will probably be a lot of crews racing this event given the removal of many of the J16 small boats. This race will be the first glimpse into who is going to be looking to establish themselves as competitive.

Headington hasn’t really raced this boat at all this season so it’s very hard to compare them with anyone. However, they have gotten good results this season from the W16 squad, especially at Hampton Head. If they combine their fastest quad and coxed four together for the eight, which would be expected of them, they will have one of the fastest boats. They also have the strength of a bronze Nationals medal in the J15G8+ last year and a lot of history doing well in the eight.

Henley is looking good in this category although they are not quite dominating (yet). LEH just managed to beat them recently at Hampton Head but Henley still had a 30-second lead in front of the rest of the field that race. Going back a little further to Quintin Head this year, Henley smashed the rest of the field (including LEH) by about a minute. Perhaps they had one bad race and are looking to be undefeated for the rest of the season. It’s worth noting that the J15G8+ won Nationals by almost 20 seconds in 2015.

Lady E Holles-
LEH managed a 2 second lead on Henley at Hampton Head this year. For this race they are the only crew that has entered two boats into this category. Most of the girls in the top Eight will also have a silver Nationals medal in the J15G8+ from last season. As long as we assume one of these boats is a priority eight they could be racing for a win.

This crew seems relatively solid and consistent this season and they might be vying for a top spot. The came 4th place at Nationals in the J15G8+, just after Headington, showing that they are not a slow crew. They have gotten solid results in the Eight this season although they haven’t had the chance to win any important races.

Again, it’s really hard to preview a category that hasn’t been raced very much this season, especially given that these are younger rowers. After these four crews, I also think Glasgow, Marlow, and Bedford Girls should do well, placing at least top half.

1st: Henley
2nd: LEH
3rd: Headington