How Important Is Owning Your Equipment?

It is fantastic that schools and clubs are in a position to be equipped with tens of thousands of pounds worth of rowing equipment.  This enables people to try the sport at a relatively low cost and possibly bring out a talent that they would otherwise not realise they possessed.   Once you have realised your talent and hunger to progress in rowing, especially to National Team status, it becomes apparent that in a majority of cases, those programs without professional boatmen or sufficient turnover of funds to keep equipment well maintained and available to all for all of the time, it is a major issue and can often hinder true progress.

Quite soon, exclusive use of your own equipment becomes a priority in your quest for success.  It is so important to be set up with the correct size specific boat, shoe size, oar length and gearing parameters etc.  For instance, a track and field athlete wouldn’t expect to be asked to train every day and be successful in borrowed shoes that may or may not be their size! In addition, much valuable study/revision and time just doing something else in your life can be wasted waiting for the most suitable equipment to become available and then having to adjust it each time.  As a rowing parent, I have suffered those frustrations.  What seems endless hours a week not being productive can become a problem.

With all this in mind, we have put a package together for those who have just read and agreed with all of the above.  A private boat purchase is a significant investment, but, the good news is we can offer reasonably priced, highly competitive equipment in boat, blades, trestles and electronics with a handsome discount of £460 and 12 months 0% personal finance arranged to spread the cost.

This package is a “special” for the 2016 National Schools Regatta. Drop by our WinTech stand during the regatta and register your interest and we can do the rest. Subject to your requirements you could be in your new boat within days or a few weeks.

Another consideration is to arrive for training in September in a good state of fitness for your coach to immediately improve your sculling without weeks of having to get fit to be coached properly.  When the inevitable bad weather or flooding arrives to scupper outings, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

Our friends at Indoor Sport Services can hire out relevant fitness machinery including Concept2 Rowing Machines for as little as £9 per week.  

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