Henley Women’s Regatta 2016 – J2x

This event, with 28 entries vying for 16 qualifying spots, should be very competitive. That being said, it’s not easy to preview this event, due to the names in each boat not being published along with the draw. Many clubs will be prioritizing the quad, four, or eight, over the double, and there will be no way to know for sure until after racing. There is also one international entry, Green Lake USA, and it is hard to predict if they will be fast. Strong crews may be:

The speed of this boat really depends on who is in it. Warrington has a very fast quad this year that will probably be looking to win Henley Women’s in preparation for Henley Royal. If the double were now the priority boat, they would have a very good shot of winning. This is extremely unlikely, but nonetheless, Warrington’s Girls ranked #5 and #6 should still be fast.

Northwich RC -Gillbanks
Norwich has entered two boats in this event, and this boat, with Gillbanks, should be very fast. This double recently won silver at Nationals, and with Headington now out of the picture, it is fair to say that they are the frontrunners for this event.

Norwich RC
Norwich is looking strong coming into this event. A Norwich double was ranked sixth at Nationals, and this is probably the same lineup. As they were a full ten seconds slower than Northwich, it is hard to picture them closing that gap, but nonetheless they have a great shot at semis and possibly finals.

Wallingford RC -Bird
At Nationals, this crew managed to place second in the B-final, ranking 9th overall. They probably won’t be able to win, but quarterfinals and semifinals should be in sight for these girls.

Nottingham RC
A Nottingham crew was able to reach semis in this event last year, which should show promise for this year. Nottingham is probably going to prioritize the quad for this regatta, but they should have the depth to put out a decent double as well. At Nationals, they had a double ranked thirteenth, which should be qualifying speed on Saturday. If it is the same lineup from Nationals, it is difficult, but not impossible, to see them progressing to quarterfinals or semifinals after that.

Llandaff RC
This crew could be a big surprise in this event. Llandaff’s double of Palmer and Peter started the season well with 4th place at Pair’s Head, only two seconds behind a fast Thames RC crew. Ranking 6th in the D final of Nationals is way off the speed they need to be competitive in this event, but there is a chance they had a bad day at Nationals and will have shaped up coming into Saturday.

The final prediction will have to be Northwich for the win.