Godfrey Performance Tee – Product Review

With the summer season at its climax, kit that is both high quality, as well as cool and lightweight becomes increasingly crucial in providing comfort and ultimately enhancing performance. Godfrey’s new performance tee range appears to tick those boxes, and upon review it is clear that the Nottingham based company have produced an exceptional line of high performance, customisable kit suitable for both training and racing.

The sample we received here at Junior Rowing came in an attractive, yet understated colour scheme. Primarily black, with white stripes on the sleeves and sides of the tee gave it a stylish edge.

After unboxing the tee, and getting a feel for the material, it becomes apparent just how lightweight these tees are. As a composite of Polyamide and Lycra, the tee stretches to just the right extent and appears to wick sweat and moisture, which naturally provides an extremely comfortable experience when rowing. Whether it was a grueling mileage session back on the home stretch, or speedwork in the Henley heat prior to the regatta, chafing and overheating were non virtually non-existent, so if you are looking for summer kit that it is both stylish and comfortable, look no further than Godfrey Rowing’s new range of Performance Tees.

Mr T