Wallingford Long Distance Sculls 2016 – WJ16 4x

There are only five crews taking part in this division but it should be a fiercely competitive division with some crews which we haven’t seen competing before. This is a familiar course for many of the crews. After a break from racing for some of the clubs it will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

There are two Henley RC crews in contention for the win this Sunday particularly Henley – Parfitt as this is likely to be the same crew that came second at national schools in the WJ15 4x+1 event and also first in the WJ15 4+1 event. Felicity Parfitt was part of the crew which competed exceptionally well at national schools to put it a very good time in both events, if this turns out to be the same crew they are likely to be hard to beat and definitely have a strong chance of winning this race. The second Henley RC crew is Henley – Warner. Emeline Warner appears to be a cox and although I can’t find any achievements for this particular crew it is likely to be the return of some of the crew that placed 2nd in the WJ15 4x+2 event and national schools with a time to rival crews in the A final of the 1st division. It is quite likely that Emeline Warner will be swapping in for one of the rowers who helped lead the crew to this victory at national schools.

Canford School have one crew entered into this division and it appears over the last racing season they have spent a lot of time in sweep boats. They only had an eight entered at national schools but they did place highly so it will be interesting to see whether they can translate their sweep skills into a sculling boat. I can’t find any particular notable achievements for the crew which will be competing this Sunday. I also imagine that these girls won’t have had all too much time over the long summer break to practice so it will be interesting to see how they race.

Lea RC – Froggatt-brown is another crew that have spent a lot of time in sweep boats and this particular crew are likely to be the same crew that have been racing together for the past year. They didn’t have any junior boats entered at national schools and there are no other notable achievements for this crew.

Stratford-Upon-Avon – Neville this is likely to be this clubs top J16 girls boat after being the top J15 girls. They have had a few good wins at some smaller heads but no notable wins at any larger events.

My prediction is that the two Henley RC crews will be the top two with Henley – Parfitt coming first. Stratford-Upon-Avon should also put in a good time.