Wallingford Long Distance Sculls – J16 1x

The J16 singles is populated mostly by people who either have not left a mark on the results page of a national regatta, or due the Brit Champs’ unhelpful naming policy, have gone unnoticed. The early season races are particularly hard to predict and it may be that there is a shock result because of the fact that my top bill spent the summer eating crisps on the couch. But still here’s my best shot:

SPS- Parrish

This rower from St Pauls, is one of the two who I think would be probably up there for the win. He is a rower and so may not have the single skills needed but he was part of the SPS J15 champ eight that won at national schools. Even if he is an average sculler it still means that he probably does have some horsepower on board and as such looks a like a good tip for the win

Hen- Issa

This guy may or may not have been part of a double scull that came 3rd at British champs. I am uncertain as the names of the boys in the double were undisclosed. If he is then he is undoubtedly a highly competent sculler and if conditions turn rough, his probable experience in a single might allow his to topple his rival who is on paper at least, stronger.

RDG- Fraser- Urquhart

The mainly notable result that this guy has is a 6th place at the junior indoor rowing champs. This result must be taken with a little caution as none of the major schools go, but still it hints at some credible power on board. However ergs don’t float and he may struggle actually having to row. No passable water results but that was all in crew boats so he may surprise.

HWG- Craggs

This HWG rower’s best result is a 6th place in the A-final of J154x+ at National schools. Whilst this does not hint at great things, his club do have a decent track record in producing good sculling boats, the winning GB France double was from there. He may surprise but again he may not.

There is my attempt to predict it and doubtless some complete outsider will now come and win by a huge margin, but I consider it unlikely.