Wallingford Long Distance Sculls – J16 2x

This category is sparse to say the least. 5 doubles have entered and there is one clear favorite to win. But this assumes that it is indeed the same double as the Brit Champs website did not disclose names.

LEA- den Dulk

This may, or may not, be the double that won J15 double sculls at Brit Champs. If so then they are the absolute favorites to take this win, if not then, its hard to know. But I’m still going to bill them as favorites.

RDG- Reid

Reid was part of a crew that came 3rd at the C final of J15 champ eights, not particularly strong but the best I could find, a 13th at the indoor champs also does not hint a great things, particularly as I have hunch his partner may have raced the single earlier in the day.

Win- Hayes

With two Winchester doubles entered an no major results between them, I’ve gone out on a whim and will bill this one has the better of the two. It is worth saying that whilst Winchester are not a traditional rowing school, when they do enter a boat, it is likely to be a good one. This means they could be ones to watch.

ORA- Tritton

Again no major results to go on and given Oratory’s performance across the years recently, I can’t see this double vying for the win. That said I could be wrong and they will prove me so. However I am skeptical.

That is the double sculls for Wallingford Long Distance sculls, one that could be extremely open or extremely closed, depending on the Lea double.