Godfrey Sport’s Club Leggings Range

Godfrey Sport have recently begun their new range of club and school leggings – custom made garments that can be drawn up and produced in the exact styling you ask for. Matching kit is often incredibly difficult to coordinate and Godfrey are attempting to rectify this by producing leggings which are comfortable, adaptable and individually designed.

Junior Rowing News were able to test several pairs out…

Putney High School

The Godfrey leggings are a good fit; a medium is long enough to reach the ankles as they are adaptable to body shape. The design is creative and striking, fitting in well with the ‘funky leggings’ craze but offering something different compared to the classic camo or tartan print. The colours can obviously be adapted for your club, but the random streaks make for an interesting design. They have an extra layer of black lining on the inside covering the backside, which prevents the leggings going see through when you bend over, meaning they can be comfortably worn with or without an all-in-one underneath. However this lining does mean more seams on the inside which are slightly itchy when the leggings are worn on their own.


King’s School Canterbury

The leggings are very comfortable; they don’t slip down like some pairs I have used in the past. They also look great – the triangle design is very eye-catching and cheerful and I know that it will keep me smiling through many tough winter sessions. The material is durable and resistant to the elements, whilst the insulation within the leggings is good enough to retain heat. The individualised design means you can customise them to suit your club’s colours, which will certainly make your crew stand out!




Bedford Modern School

Just a glance at these leggings was all it took to fall in love. The original design can be seen in the red and black tiger-like stripes of the leggings, a style I have yet to see anywhere else on the rowing circuit. My initial concern was due to their thin appearance, a design which would favour style over functionality, but I can definitely say that they are more than warm enough to get you through the winter months while being nice and lightweight. They are as stretchy as anyone could need but still manage to hug tight. It didn’t interfere with my movement at all and this, of course, is exactly what you need in rowing rather than baggy leggings snagging in the slides.


Contact sales@godfrey.co.uk or call 0115 986 4600 to order a batch for your club or school. All products are custom-made and uniquely designed to suit your requirements.