St Neot’s Small Boats Head 2016 – J18 2x

This event appears to be rather depleted, even considering that the 2016-17 season is still in its infancy. Nevertheless, here is my preview of junior doubles.

Star Club – Molloy
Star Club – Sharp

At least one of these athletes (Sharp) raced at the National Schools in May of this year. He qualified 53rd in Champ 2x. Perhaps not the top end of British junior sculling, but no doubt a few years’ experience. He was presumably a member of the quad that placed a modest 13th out of 30 in junior 4x at the School’s Head, and then stepped on to be the 4th fastest non-qualifiers for the Fawley.

Deben – Roe
Deben – Barrett

Deben are a small Suffolk-based club who don’t often race. Roe qualified 47th in Ch2x at Nats in May, 1.5s ahead of Star’s Sharp. There is the potential here for a well-contested race,

The factors at play here actually make this quite a tough call – one must consider the stage in the season, and the fact that many athletes will still only be returning to last season’s form. My instincts tell me that Star, with their more established base in British sculling, are likely to walk away with this one.