St Neots Small Boats Head 2016- WJ18 1x

There are only seven entries in this race, with five of them being from the Bedford Modern School, so the results are hard to predict and will probably be dominated by BMS no matter what.

At BRICs almost a year ago, Tyndale-Hardy pulled a 7:54, which is a decent ergo score provided the athlete is on the lighter side and has great on-the-water technique. She could have also improved a lot by now in terms of fitness. At Nationals 2016, she placed second in the E final of the ChG4x with Deben RC. However, she won Sudbury Regatta recently as a J17 and has good racing experience in small boats. She probably is a bit slower than Graham but it would not be too unrealistic if she took this race.

At BRICs almost a year ago Graham pulled a 7:19, an impressive erg score that should outclass the other girls in this event. She placed 4th in the B final of the ChG4- at Nationals 2016. She did not make it past the semi of the ChG8+. She seems to have made the two top boats for BMS at Nationals last year, and given that most of her competition is coming from her own squad she should be able to beat them.

Monaghan is the only other BMS girl who raced the nationals 8 last year. This indicates she is right behind Graham in terms of speed on the team, and will probably place behind her but ahead of the other BMS girls.

Roberts placed 4th in the E final of the ChG2x at Nationals 2016.

Swain, along with Roberts, placed 4th in the E final of the ChG2x at Nationals 2016. This indicates that these two girls probably are a bit behind Monaghan and Graham in terms of speed.


Leach placed third in the D final of the ChG4x at Nationals 2016. It’s hard to tell if that was a priority boat over the double, but assuming it is Leach should slightly outperform Swain and Roberts.

If this is the same Buckley that placed 10/11 as a Hollowell Scullers W.J17.1x at St. Neots Head last year, she may not quite have the speed to take down the other girls. Otherwise it’s really hard to find information on her and her result is somewhat unpredictable.

BMS- Graham for the win, followed by DEB-Tyndale-Hardy, with the rest of the BMS girls and the LER sculler coming in after that.