St Neot’s Small Boats Head 2016 – WJ16 1x

St Neots Small Boats Head – WJ16 1x

With 18 scullers entered, this should be a fiercly compeitive division with many of these scullers racing for the first time in singles. The summer will have brought a break from training for many and so it will be interesting to watch how this head plays out.


Bedford Modern School – Ziallulah, Gill, Hale and Brittain

Bedford has four scullers entered here, three of whom raced in the 1st division of the WJ15 4x+ at national schools, placing 24th and another who raced in the 2nd event and finished 18th. While these are no standout results, they seem to have had a few good wins at the smaller heads and regattas which may prove valuable this weekend.

Star Club – Holmes, Upex, Wardley

Star Club haven’t had any notable results recently at any of the national events, being absent from all but national schools. It will be interesting to see if they can turn around what must have been a disappointing regatta at national schools where they failed to make any final of the WJ15 4x+, but it is going to take something special for these scullers to be in contention for the win.

Bedford Girls School – Nisbet, Bailey

Another club who have seemingly been absent from the major national events, I can’t seem to find any information on these two scullers. Bedford girls have produced some very strong athletes in the past however, such as Lottie Bruce and Robin Armstrong who went on to represent GB so although difficult to say, one of these girls may be in with a shot for the win.

Peterborough City – Agidee

Agidee hasn’t raced any events the national level, but this is admitedly difficult in the WJ15 age group as many of the competition comes in the form of crew boats. She has won a few smaller events however and as the club’s sole entry in the WJ16 singles she will most likely have had much more expierience than the competition in a single which could prove to be very useful this weekend.

Nottingham and Union – Grant Clapham, Thomas, McManus, Capsticks, Page, Herborn

Nottingham and Union had a strong season last year in the quad, placing a comendable 9th at both national schools and the junior sculling head in highly competitive fields. They had an unfortunate crab at the british championships during the semi finals, where I believe they could have reached the A final, and so will be eager to start the new season on a more positive note. These scullers, particularly Grant Clapham, McManus, Page and Thomas from the top boat should be in strong contention for the win.

Leicester RC – Parkes Bowen

Another single entry with no major results, I can’t really predict how this sculler should perform but likewise with Agidee as a sole entry they may have had more expierience sculling which is always useful at a long distance head race and may provide an egde over the competitiors.


Prediction – Based on what resuts I have managed to find from last season, the top scullers from Nottingham & Union should be in strong contention for the win, I also have a feeling the Peterborough and Leicester scullers may be able to finish highly too.