St Neots Small Boats Head 2016 – WJ17 1X

With a smaller entry list of just 9 girls spread across the 5 divisions, this event will be a good opportunity to gain some experience racing in singles, and since there are just 4 clubs entered, a chance to see how each compare to members of their own squad.

I haven’t found many results on some of these girls, so I’m having to apply some guesswork as to how each sculler will perform.


MCDONAGH and GREENE (Bedford Girls) seem to be the strongest of the entries, with MCDONAGH coming in 4th in J16 4+ at NSR, and GREENE coming 3rd in J16 2nd 4+. Although both seem to spend more time sweeping, they’ve achieved solid results and I think they will be good contenders for the top spot, and tough competition for the other girls.


WAUMSLEY and SINGLETON from Nottingham and Union have had some wins in smaller regattas and heads, but these appears to be mostly in quads, and I haven’t found any results in singles from these girls. They are also racing J18 4x earlier in the day, which may have an impact on their singles performance.


SANDERCOCK from Hollowell Scullers has been successful in some smaller regattas, clearly showing some experience in a single, however I’ve found no record of her competing at larger events such as NSR, so it is unsure how she will fare against her competition.


Going from these results, I predict the top spots will go to the Bedford scullers, MCDONAGH and GREENE, but given the minimal information on the other girls, I think it’s anyone’s game for the next places.


Good luck to everyone racing!