Pairs Head 2016 – WJ16 2x

This is the first main race of the season, so hopefully we will see some strong competitors emerging for the oncoming season. There are quite a few rowers that we have seen flourishing previously but there is still a sense of unpredictability as it is still early on and we are likely to see some unexpected combinations.


Walton RC have one crew entered – Stenning/Jackson these girls have certainly had a lot of racing experience. They haven’t raced together in this double so it will be interesting to see how they work together. Jackson made it through to the C final in a coxed quad at national schools regatta 2016 coming second. It looks as though Stenning didn’t race at that event. This girls although unlikely being contenders for the win should be able to get a good time.


Falcon RC Carter/Chambers Both girls have been in many races and have had many successes, although it looks as though Molly Chambers has had more experience over May Carter. At national schools regatta both girls were in a coxed quad placing 5th in the C final. It will be interesting to see how these girls work together.


Emanuel School have one double entered consisting of Beams/Thomas. Both these girls had some good results at National Schools Regatta placing highly in the A and B finals in an eight. They haven’t had any achievements together and look unlikely to be strong contenders although they could surprise us.


There are entries from Eton Excelsior and Barn Elms RC neither of which are that notable. Eton Excelsior McCracken/Donaldson are the more noticeable of the two and have picked up a lot of experience although not together. They could turn out to be contenders but there are no firm results to note.


Out of these five crews the ones who look as though they will get the best times are Falcon RC and Emanuel School although I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we saw any of the other boats finishing with very impressive times. This head should hopefully be an indicator of some of the rowers we will see at the top later on in the season, and I will be looking forward to seeing the results of it.