Fours Head 2016- OJM Boats

I will be attempting to preview a wide range of Junior Crews who have decided to enter categories outside those designated to the Juniors. I will work my way down through the divisions picking out the strongest school boy crews within each one.

Elite 4+

Eton College- The only school crew to be entered into this category shows the confidence they have that they are going to perform well. Why should they not feel confident the boat itself has 4 returners from this years junior world championships, with Drinkall, Adams and Pearson competing in the 8 and Cozens coxing the 4+. Noah Norman completes the line up and is no novice himself competing in the Ch4- at Nat Schools that finished 4th on the Sunday. These are an impressive group of athletes who are all trialling again this year and they will be well up the top of the order for the day for the sweep boats.

IM1 4X

St Pauls- They have two crews entered into this category, now whilst not all of them are top of the pecking order at Pauls(due to age), they are still fantastic athletes in a programme which this year is looking strong. The first of crews features an R.Thatcher which I hope is Bobby, who is the Head coach at St. Pauls. He would add some serious horses to that two seat with his size and the opposition would fear the beard. The boat also features two from Pauls impressive J16 8 from last year with Dickinson and McInroy the latter being in the GB France 4+. The other boat which I believe to be a J16 Boat also has  very good lads in it, with A.Doyle’s younger brother in it, and two guys who are both in the trialling process this year at just 15.They are Parish and Eaton and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear their names in GB junior boats in the next few years.

Abingdon School- This Crew features some of the guys from Abingdon’s top 8 last year. Hopefully this season will bring a fresh start for them and they can show people they weren’t just pulled down every course by Digby. They certainly have the power but can they be a cohesive unit only time will tell.

Maidenhead- This boat features two guys who went to GB France in the 2X for RGS High Wycombe but have now joined Maidenhead, who already had a strong squad of junior scullers. The crew should be quick down this fours head course and should give a clue to the early speed of  Maidenhead as a whole in what would seem not their top boat.

Sir W Borlase- They are no longer the force they once were in the junior circuit. The losses of their boys from the golden boat of Henley 2015 most notably Lawrie  has hit  them hard. They have also recently lost Joe Wolfin who has decided to join up with bitter rivals Marlow. Maybe this move will spur on the Borlase boys to re invent themselves this season and fight their way back up the order.

IM1 4- & IM2 4+

These two events hold the remainder of the crews who aren’t in a junior category but because the crews are so mixed up and its so early season it is near impossible to preview them effectively, so here goes. In the IM1 4- division this a boat from Shrewsbury which contains two second 8 members from last season and two of their 17s one who was in their top four. There is also a boat from KCS Wimbledon with one member who went over to Charles to place 2nd out of the British Crews. In the IM2 4+ Category there are Crews from Bedford, Shrewsbury(Featuring a 1st 8 member), Eton, KCS and Abingdon. With the crews being so jumbled up because coaches are trying to find out their best combinations it would be hard to call but the Shrewsbury boat has the best chance with McKirdy in it.