Hampton Small Boats Head 2016 – J18 2x

Hampton Small Boats Head falls on the same day as Early I.D Assesments, the first event in the GBJRT trials system. Consequently this event does not pack the same callibre of athletes that it way have seen in previous years. That being said there is a healthy entry size in division 2, which sees eleven crews contest for the J18 double title, but only three crews in division 1.  The preview will be spilt in two and a summary of each division will be written.


Division 1 J18 2x

With just three crews competing in this category coming last is not an option for either crews. Radley College have entreated two crews under ‘House’ and ‘Aldous.’  House raced in the Radley 2nd 8+ last season. It is unclear which double is considered to be the better of the two or if they are evenly matched.  Neither of these crews will waThe other crew, from King’s School Ely,  under the name Oldham does have a significant of sculling experience. Oldham had some disapointing results at NSR in Ch4x and CH2x last season and so far KSE and delivered an average 29th place in J4x. KSE will be looking to bounce back and given their sculling experience I expect them to take the win in this small category


Division 2- J18 2x


Molesey Boat Club have enters three crews in this category. Greig and Steel both raced in the 2nd Quad last season which successfully qualified for the Fawley.  Their other double named Osbourne raced in the club’s top Junior Quad before switching to sweep and racing in the Wyfolds at HRR.  With the added advantage of home water I expect to see a very good show from these crews in the race on Saturday.  The home advantage is obviously also given to Hampton to have entered one double under Sacklen.  He raced to a creditable 2nd in 3rd 8s at NSR last year and will hope his home race gives him and his partner extra motivation.  Windsor Boys School is another crew in this category with Henley experience.  Loughran raced in their 1st 8 qualifying for the PE losing out to finalists St. Paul’s.  I expect to see this crew give a strong account of themselves given the sculling pedigree of Windsor. Kim’s School Ely race under Fellows, who raced in the underwhelming crew last year like is crew mates in the previous devision.  This leads me to believe that KSE have split their quad over two devsions which is an interesting decision.

All this being said I think one of the Molesey combinations will go head to head with Windsor Boys for the win this weekend.



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