Hampton Small Boats Head 2016 – WJ16 1x

This is a very large division showcasing some of the best competitors emerging this season so should be a very exciting division to watch. The course is a reasonable distance at 3000m so shouldn’t be that hard for many of the rowers. It is a rather large division with 27 entries, although these entries are spread across only a few clubs. I’m therefore going to try and cover the scullers that I think have the best chance this weekend.

Tideway Scullers School only have one entry but it looks as though it will be a strong one. Eva Knight has quite a lot of experience and has placed very well at various events. She has had some very strong wins in various different crews.

Sir William Perkins’s School RC has three entries in the division all of which are very strong and should be in search of the top spot. It looks as though at the moment Taylor is the strongest out of the three and I expect we shall see a very good result from her. I imagine that Adetola and Keen will also place very well.

With six of the entries being from Headington School Oxford BC it would be a surprise not to see some of them doing very well. Although saying that, it is certainly not that obvious which of these girls will do well as there have not been any noticeable wins for any of them this season. From previous previews it is clear that it is a very strong squad so this could be the race where we see some of them placing at the top.

Emanual School BC has three entries but out if these only one of them looks as though they will be able to meet the high standard of racing that will be set. Kathleen Beams has had some very good results and should be a strong competitor.

As the season progresses and the conditions worsen it gets more interesting to see the results of the less frequent races as it often shows how much winter training can change things, although this certainly adds a sense of unpredictability to every race I preview! As ever there are scullers which I haven’t covered that may well place very well but these are certainly the crews that at first glance look the strongest. I look forward to seeing the results of this division as this race could well be a real indicator to who will get the best results this season.

Good luck to all of the crews racing this weekend!

Sassy Cox