Hampton Small Boats Head 2016 – WJ17 1x

There are 18 scullers entered to WJ17 1X in this event, and with some of these girls competing at events like Pairs and Fours Head, there is a clearer picture of who are the stronger competitors this season, in both crew boats and singles. This event does coincide with EID trials, so will be missing some of the top girls, but I think this will be a close event. The course is 3000m and fairly steady with no big bends, so these scullers should be fine, especially since they’ll have had a few months steering experience from racing and training in the bank.



Lockhart, Hornby and Curtis raced together and won silver in WJ16 4X at NSR, an impressive performance which will have put them in good stead coming into J18 racing. All 3 girls were also at Fours Head, racing in WIM2 4+’s, Hornby coming in 16th, and Curtis and Lockhart following in 19th – a respectable result in a big, senior category. Headington have shown great depth over the last few years, which these girls have demonstrated, and I suspect they will be going for the top spots on Saturday.



Both Leppard and Boret were in Molesey’s WJ16 4X which came 7th at NSR, a good performance, although I’m unsure how they’ll progress into J18 racing. These girls don’t appear to have raced much this season, so I don’t have a clear indicator of how they’ll fare, but they will have the advantage of racing on their home stretch of river.



Cooper came away with a win in WJ15 8+ at NSR, a strong result, although since she is younger, this category may be a challenge for her. King had a good season last year, and has achieved some very impressive results over the last few months. She won WJ16 2nd 4X at NSR, and came 3rd in WJ16 8+ too. This season, she clocked 2nd place in WJ18 2- at Pairs Head, and 3rd in WJ18 4+ at Fours Head, very consistent and solid results. Given these results, I think King could be a top contender for a win in this category. LEH also train on this stretch of the river, which will provide an advantage.




Although I haven’t found any results for Parker, Corrie came away with 4th at Brit Champs in WJ16 2-, a good result that will help her coming into J18. I haven’t found anything from this season so far, but I think Corrie could clock a good time, although may not be amongst the top girls.



Neal came 5th in a WJ18 8+ composite with Globe RC at Brit Champs, and has also shown some singles experience, coming 12th in WJ17 1X at Wallingford LDS earlier this season, a good result in large, and competitive category. Again, I’m unsure of whether Neal will be in the top places, but I think this experience shows she could come away with a good result.




Lawrence seems to be a fairly new sculler on the scene, and I haven’t found any notable results from last season. However, she competed in WJ18 4X at Kingston SBH a few weeks ago, coming away with a win. Although she doesn’t appear to have much experience in a single, her quad performance indicates she could come away with a time to put her well within the top 10.


This category has a good mix of girls, and suspect the race could be quite close. I reckon LEH – King will take the win, followed by some of the Headington girls, but I think there could be some surprises from the other girls.


Good Luck to all crews racing!