Hampton Small Boats Head 2016- J17 2-

wj17 2-

As the draw only has one name per crew, this following preview will be based under the name given. this may not be wholly accurate and is based under the assumption that clubs will put rowers in boats with those of a similar standard.

LEH Benson – Benson has shown herself to be an accomplished rower, last season consistently being in top performing crews – for instance LEH’s top J16 8 which won school’s head. Although she did not make leh’s top J16 four at NSR, she did make the top four which qualified first to race and win at GB vs France so I still believe that she is a force to be reckoned with.

LEH Witt – Witt seems to be a young rower who has excelled so well in the more junior categories that LEH has put her in an older category. In the sculling regatta that took place at NSR, Witt came an impressive first in the WJ15 1x as well as earning a GB vs France seat this year, racing above her age in the 8. Her sculling is evidently exceptional yet she only made LEH’s second J16 4 for GB France last year so I think LEH Benson who did make this top four will prove to be the superior sweepswoman.

SBT Croft –
Croft like LEH Witt has shown her talent through selection for more senior categories. Last season as a J16 she competed in Surbition’s top quad showing her rowing fortitude through such high level selection. In my opinion, Surbition is a stronger sculling than sweep school so it will be an interesting benchmark for the season to see how Surbition’s sweep lines up with other clubs through how this pair performs.

MBC Truett – Molesey’s Truett does not seem to show quite the calibre of LEH and SBT so this pair’s performance I expect to be slightly behind the two schools’. However Truett does have the advantage of racing on home stretch, which knowledge could help dearly with perfecting the course line – key for coxless boats. This being said, Molesey does not have this over LEH who also share the Sunbury – Molesey Thames stretch.

LEH Benson
SBT Croft
LEH Witt