Hampton Small boats Head J16 2-

This category is not blessed with depth, most of the entries are from Hampton but there are still some strong pairs


Hampton have a lot of pairs racing this event and since their more credible opposition has already raced earlier the battle may come down to between these pairs. On home water, with as may crews as they have, they will not be satisfied with anything less than a 1,2,3.

Kingston Grammer

I have not been able to find any results to indicate these pairs’ form but they will be tired before even racing as they have to row up to the race from their boathouse a few ks away. This may mean that they fall towards the lower end of the results but could surprise


These pairs will have already race in Div 1 which may take some sting out of the legs for this race. That being said it could also act as a warm up and course familiarization and we could see some strong results from these pairs.