Hampton Small boats Head- J16 2x

This category has some decent talent in it. Strong results from last year at national schools and signs of form this year has meant that there are some definite crews to watch out for here.

Radley’s doubles

Both of the names listed in the doubles were in the J15 championship 8+ last year that won bronze at national schools. I have nothing to separate the two doubles further but it is almost certain these two will be very strong.


Jonas comes from a successful household his brother went to Coupe and these things might run in the family. Anyway Jonas was 3rd in J15 4+s at national schools last year and was possibly part of a winning quad at Upper Thames Head, showing possible signs of form this year

Hen- Issa

Issa was part of 2nd placing J15 4x+ at nat schools and had strong results in the single earlier in the year at Wallingford Long distance sculls. If his doubles partner is up to scratch they could be competitive


This lea double won J16 2x at Weybridge Silver Sculls this year, showing some good form that could see them take the win here. They come from a club with a proud pedigree in sculling and this could pay off.


Walton may not have the proudest history in rowing but this double could possibly surprise, they look to have a 2nd place at Weybridge in the 2x and were 3rd at Kingston small boats head in a quad. They may well have found speed since Weybridge and could look to pull out a surprise