Godfrey Sports – The ‘Be Seen’ Range

As Christmas and and the cold embrace of the New Year loom, it is becoming ever more important for rowers to layer up to keep warm and to prevent injury.  Here, our trusted writers review some of Godfrey’s brand new ‘Be Seen’ range in an attempt to find the best winter kit.



A warm and dry gilet is a must have for any rower, and Godfrey’s “Be Seen” Gilet is no exception.

The bright luminous colouring makes it incredibly useful for early moring sessions or during the evening when light is fading and visibility is poor.  However, I particularly loved the fleece lining, helping to trap and maintain heat.  I wore the gilet over a couple of thermals and the lightweight, thin shell still made it easy to move my hands around the back end, allowing for a normal finish.

Another key feature is the bag pocket allowing for a water bottle, extra hat or a quick snack on the water.  The two zips, one half on the front and a three quarter length on the side, make it very easy to remove when out on the water too.

However, one drawback to this gilet is that it must be drip dried. If the fleece is wet then it will obviously take quite a while to dry and turn around for another session

That being said this is another quality piece of kit from Godfrey, one that I would highly recommend to any rower, for water sessions or cross training on land.



The leggings are very comfortable and not restrictive in any way, and have soft fabric that washes well. The material is thick and warm, so is ideal for the colder sessions on the water, and will also dry quickly which is great for the winter months!

The material is of a good quality so they will be durable; the leggings are a snug fit and look good out on the water. The reflective stripe is also a good idea, and is a nice addition to the leggings.

Overall they’re an extremely high quality piece of kit and several of my crew mates asked me where they could buy a pair for themselves.



The T-Shirt certainly does what it says on the packet! It was tested on a foggy morning and was easily spotted, which is a useful asset to have on dark nights. The top was also very good to run in, due to its high visibility. It was comfortable to wear and insulation was excellent. I would’t recommend wearing it with anything else, as it does trap heat very well, but it is excellent for winter wear.