The 12 Ergs of Christmas

The festive season is now truly upon us and for many the official training has ended, looped Christmas songs play throughout houses and with no structured training it is easy to back off . Not only this but you will be treated to the prospect of a calorific intake about twice as much as normal, over a period of many days. To avoid becoming a potato lookalike, we suggest following religiously this foolproof list of ergs that will keep you fit over Christmas and deliver you dead (but fit) into the New Year:

Day 1: 1x hour of power r18

Day 2: 2x 10K r20

Day 3: 3x 6K r20, 22, 24

Day 4: 4x 5K r22

Day 5: 5x 3K, r22, 22, 24, 26, 26, 28

Day 6: 6x 10 minute r24

Day 7: 7x 2K r26 first four, r28 last three

Day 8: 8x 5 minute r28

Day 9: 9x 1500m r16, 18, 18, 20, 20, 20, 22, 22, 24

Day 10: 10x 750m r24 first 3, r26 next 3, rate 28 last 4

Day 11: 11x 2.30 minute r30

Day 12: 12x 500m rate 32

For added spice you can try to emulate the Christmas song and repeat each of the previous ergs on consecutive days, but we take no responsibility for the aftermath (unless you win Henley).

Merry Christmas, and Happy Erging