Hampton Head 2017 – WJ18 8+

With 13 entries into WJ18 8+ at Hampton Head and featuring 6 of the National Schools ChG8+ finalists from last year, Hampton has the strongest girls eights draw so far this season. This will be the first time many of these crews have had the chance to race some of their strongest competitors in an eight this season, and competition will be tight to take the win on Saturday.

Henley RC

Based off the surname listed with this boat and the one listed on the Henley J18 4x racing in the same division, this 8+ is most likely Henley’s second boat. However this Henley crew still won Quintin Head last week, beating many of their competitors in this category and I would still expect them to put forward a very respectable result this Saturday.

Marlow RC

This Marlow entry appears to be their top boat, and after a strong start to the season with a bronze medal in junior girls quads at Head of the Charles and a 2nd place in JW4x at Fours Head, it’ll be interesting to see how Marlow face up to their competition. With 4th place at National Schools Regatta last summer in ChG8+ I have no doubt that these girls will be aiming for a medal this year, and a win in this category would be a good place to start.


Whilst I am uncertain as to whether or not LEH have done a top eight or a top quad, either way these girls should be racing for a fast time on Saturday on their home water. LEH haven’t yet appeared to race their top eight so far this season, so it’ll be interesting to see how they rank amongst their competitors following their bronze at NSR last season. LEH have lost a lot of key members since then, but with 3rd places in JW4x and JW4+ at fours head, as well as having 8 rowers race at GB France and one at Coupe, they should still have the depth to put in a strong showing.


Headington have entered a top quad instead of a top eight, however with their now 8 year long dominance in this event HSOBC will still be expecting to finish as one of if not the fastest crew on Saturday.

St Paul’s Girls’ School

SPGS finished just 6 seconds behind the Henley crew at Quintin Head last weekend, and over the shorter course they’ll certainly be trying to make up this margin. With some key crew members still out due to illness, they won’t be posting their fastest time on Saturday, however after reaching the final in ChG8+ at NSR last summer SPGS will still certainly be aiming to finish amongst the top crews.

Becket School

Made up of mostly ex Nottingham rowers, this is Becket’s first year with a boat club and whilst their squad last year at Nottingham RC did appear to be slightly stronger, some of these girls won silver behind Headington last year at NSR and will probably be aiming to medal again. Having finished behind both of Henley’s mixed eights at Wallingford, Becket will have some catching up to do if they want to be the fastest, however NRC didn’t have much of a presence on the junior girls sweep scene til Hampton Head last February, so perhaps these Becket girls will do the same again.


  1. Marlow
  2. Headington
  3. LEH
Pairs Matrix