Hampton Head 2017 – J16 4x

With over 20 entries, the racing on Saturday will be nothing if not diverse. Madgelen College School, known already as an elite academic institution, seem to have picked up some Oxford rowing heritage and will be putting out a crew to race. Some of the most up-and-coming crews will be on show, including Daniel Sullivan of Globe RC, who boasts a mighty 5k ergo score.

Globe RC
This the standout entry for me. Second at NSR 2016, there’s definitely some firepower in this London-based crew. Globe‘ve a stellar job of producing strong athletes in the last couple of years; namely Daniel‘s brother Callum Sullivan, who raced at Coupe last year, and Jake Offiler, both of whom have made an impression on the GB ergo ranking.

Tideway Scullers School
Another London club that makes good oarsmen, but at most one a year. This tends to hinder their performance in crew boats. The youngest Jonas brother will likely be racing, and if his two brothers, both proud owners of GB vests, are anything to go off, he’s one to watch.

Marlow RC
The story here is similar to with TSS. Some big boys have come from Marlow in their time, although they do have a stronger record for crew performances, culminating in the semis of Fawley last year.

Radley College‘s offering looks to be second priority behind the eight, and they’re not known for their sculling anyhow. Claire’s Court dominated the upper ranks of British sculling last year, but their current J16s are as yet unproven. They could come first, they could come last. They are likely to be somewhere in-between.

Few other names stand out other than Windsor Boys. They are always strong and well-drilled and consistently produce the goods at every level of junior sculling.

My prediction? Globe. Each member of this crew performed well at the Scullers Head, and I am confident that they will carry speed over well into the larger boat.