Hampton Head 2017 – WJ18 2x

This event is absolutely packed with 41 entries, many of high quality. This event is probably the most competitive WJ18 doubles race so far this year. A lot of the top finishers from Pairs Head will be racing, as well as strong clubs like Headington that will be looking to place highly. Some top crews include:

American School-
The ASL double managed to win Pairs Head, which is a good indicator of speed going into this race. Brunsberg also won Scullers Head. This race will not be on the Tideway and the unfamiliar course plus other strong crews may mean a win is out of reach.

Henley look to be targeting this event, with only one entry despite a lot of depth from the team. Kay and Hahn placed 2nd at Pairs Head in the Junior Double, and they also placed 2nd in the U19 doubles at Brit Champs this fall. Kay represented GB in the four at Coupe this summer, so this double could likely be Henley’s top boat. They will be looking for a win.

A Marlow boat, with Bird in it, placed 3rd at Pairs Head this fall. Marlow has a lot of depth this season, but like Henley, they only have one entry into this event. Bird should be one of their top junior girls and this all should also hint at this being a top crew for this race. They will be targeting a win but Henley may be able to beat them.

Globe only has one WJ18 entered for Hampton Head. Although they may not be as much of a traditionally strong program with as much depth as other teams, they clearly have two girls who can do well in this race. 4th place at Pairs Head is a great result and if they have a good race they can place right near the top.

Headington has three entries in this event, all of which should be of good quality. It’s hard to really discern between the entries, since they each have a name listed that is in their top eight. Their top double of King-Smith and Semple, the girls who won gold at Nationals in the Ch2x and then went on to represent GB at Couple, does not seem to be racing together here. So these will be three very high quality crews, but perhaps none of them will be quite good enough to win.

Plenty of fast clubs will be racing who also deserve recognition. Llandalf, LEH, TSS, and Thames all should place well in this race.

1st Henley
2nd Marlow
3rd Headington