Hampton Head 2017 – WJ18 4x

Hampton Head is likely to be the first race of the 2017 season for most these girls, and with 25 crews competing, it will definitely be a good marker against some of the top club in this category, especially useful for those crews looking to compete in W4X at Schools Head in March. The 3000m course can be challenging with various bends and islands, in addition to competing crews packed together, so bows will have to be alert to steer the best course. As I only have 1 name per crew, I am generally assuming that these crews will be the club’s top girls, given the opportunity to race other crews in Division 1.



Henley look like one of the stronger crews in this event, with a win in JW4X at Fours Head under their belts already, and 2nd in the 2X at Pairs Head. They’ve also had some of their J17s, Orr and Robinson Ranger, placing within the top 5 at EID trials (Orr also won 2 golds last season at Coupe). Assuming this is their top quad, there will definitely be a lot of experience and skill within the boat, and I think they have a good chance of winning this event.



Headington placed 13th in WJ4X at Four’s Head, however their top boat raced in WIM1, placing an impressive 3rd in the senior category. Headington were also finalists in the Diamond Jubilee at HRR last season, and have always had a strong squad. Again, assuming this is their top crew, Headington will be tough competition for Henley, since they were only a second apart over the 7km Fours Head course. I’m excited to see if these girls could take the win on Saturday.



With 2 crews entered, and the race taking place on their home stretch of river, Molesey have a good chance of making it into the top crews. One of their top scullers, Dunford, won EID trials in November, and was also in the Molesey crew that made the top 8 in the Diamond Jubilee at HRR last season. I’m not sure if they will be able to beat crews like Henley and Headington, but should definitely be going for a top 5 spot.



Although they tend to stick to sweep, and have had girls represent GB in sweep boats, LEH had a strong Fours Head, coming 3rd in WJ4X. They may not have as much experience in quads as some of the other crews, however I think this 3rd place is a clear indicator of what they can do, and I think they should be gunning for another top 5 place.



Although they didn’t race at Fours Head, ASL have had a successful season in head races, with a win in JW2X at Pairs Head, and as well as this, Brunsberg won the JW1X at Scullers Head. Given these dominant performances, I think these girls could form a really strong quad, and I’m excited to see how they fare in this category against some crews who may be more used to quad racing.


Other crews I think are worth mentioning are City of Oxford, Latymer and Thames, based on previous performances in Fours Head and Pairs Head.


I reckon this race is going to be a close call between Henley and Headington, but going off results so far this season, I think Henley can take the win on this one.


Good Luck to all crews racing!