Hampton Head 2017 – J16 2-

A good amount of entries this year from some of the top rowing schools. Many look to be parts of first eights that are also racing on the day, so expect these pairs to be fast.


They have 3 pairs entered: Woodhall, Bridge, Andrews. Bridge is the same name as the stroke man of the eight at quintin that came fourth. With some of the opposition from that race gone in this catagories,  expect one of these to be up for the win.


It’s unusual to see Eton at Hampton Head but they have established their usual strength and depth with 4 pairs. Typically Eton’s early season form is often lacking but they could suprised.  Doubtless these pairs will be strong.


TSS are the wonderfully named Pilkington Mossey and will have likely have spent their life in this pair and will definately be strong. They’ll also have an advantage of having experiance of the conditions they’ll like face so are going to be competative.


Thsee boys were strong last year and given the new investment they are putting into their rowing this is an up and coming school and this will probably reflect in these pairs.


They have had some strong results in J16 events in other early season races like Hampton Small Boats head. They might be dark horses and could upset some of the established schools.


This is likely to be a top pair but given this school recent history I think it is unlikely that these boys will be up for the win.