GB February Trials 2017 – Junior Men’s Sweep Preview

It is the now time for the second leg to the GB trials, where the best junior rowers in the country descend upon the unassuming town of Boston in Lincolnshire, which has not been selected for its cultural delights but for its 5km stretch with a singular bend, no stream and a likely headwind. The top boys from this will be invited to Spring Assessments, where they will trial to try to make the Munich International Regatta, but who is most likely to make it into the top echelon of the results?

NB: with the absence of a start list, the pair combinations are based on educated guesses.

Eton: Adams/Norman

These boys will be fast. They really have no excuse not to be since both won Henley, and one went to Junior Worlds and won the Early ID trials. What more needs to be said? These guys will be extremely classy, quick and likely to win this (barring crash or capsize which might need to happen for this pair not to finish in the top ten)

St Pauls: Woods/Langstone Bolt

Both these guys performed well in the single at the Early IDs and were in the winning JM4+ at fours head this year. Woods went to Munich but dropped out for an internship whilst Langstone-Bolt was in the St Pauls 1st 8+ as J16. The St Pauls top pair, no matter who is in it, will be fast and are likely to contending for the win.

Winchester: Schroder/Robinson

Both these boys were in the Coupe 4+ in their J17 year and are only going to get better than that. They are part of the Winchester eight that has been impressive in the early season races and both recorded decent results at Early IDs.

Shrewsbury: Fox/Rowe

There is more international pedigree in this boat with Fox making the Coupe 8+ and Rowe the Worlds 4+ that was at the centre of huge success at the regatta. Shrewsbury are currently in matched eights so it is difficult to predict the school’s speed coming into the height of head season, but these boys are a strong powerhouse regardless, so should be putting in a top performance at trials.


These boys are slight dark horses but Westminster will always put out a fast top pair. Jones was in the Coupe 4- and Cowling in the J16 4x that placed second at NSR. Whilst their previous year’s form is lacking in comparison, they will have stepped on and the top Westminster pair will likely contend for the top ten.

Other dark horses for places within the top ten include Shiplake, who did not seem to send many to the early ID’s but will generally turn out fast boat-movers; Radley whose form tends to increase throughout the year; and Hampton with a young squad but a group who are not to be underestimated. It is hard to tell whether some clubs will opt to scull or sweep but if Moseley and Tideway Scullers choose one oar they are also likely to be fast (particularly given Scullers won the Pairs Head in October)