Head of the Trent 2017 – WJ18 4x

Warrington- A junior quad by Warrington could potentially be very strong, given a national schools gold in the championship quad last year, but this quad will almost definitely not have their top rowers. The Senior Women’s Quad could be comprised of their top four juniors and this boat will probably be a B quad.

Nottingham RC- Again, a Nottingham boat has the potential to be very good, but this boat may not have the caliber of girls who won silver in the champ 8+ at Nationals last spring. Some of those top girls may be racing in the Becket School 8+ in the third division.

Bedford Modern School- BMS may be a better contender for this event. At Hampton Head a quad with “Monaghan” placed 12/22. This may not be particularly fast, but given that this event is a lot less competitive than Hampton Head, it could be enough to win or get close.

North Staffs- Unfortunately, last place at Fours Head in the quad, with “Hall”, does not indicate the speed needed to be successful. Placing 27/28 at Pairs Head in the double also does not look promising. Perhaps this course will be more forgiving than the tideway, because it would be great to see them rank a little higher for this event.

Royal Chester- 19/27 at Fours Head in the quad may not indicate top speed, but two entries shows some depth from this club. They also had a B finalist J16 girls quad and a second girls quad as well, so they will probably have mostly J17s in these boats.

Star Club- Two years ago Star Club placed last in this event, and last year they placed last in the Eight. They should be looking to up their rank this year.

Yarm- 10/27 in the quad at Fours Head, which included the girl “Ward” may indicate that this is the quad to win.

Grosvenor RC, Chester- It’s difficult to find much about this rowing club in terms of results. At Fours Head in 2015 they placed 26/34 in the quad. They also won Ironbridge regatta this summer.

Final Prediction for the win: Yarm