Head of the Trent 2017 – J16 4x

A little sparse on entries for this event and information on these crews is somewhat limited. However this division 2 race is a bit of a peculiar one given the fact it is shorter than the other divisions with it being only 3850m as opposed to 5700m.


Grange school

The overall standard of the Grange school, which is situated on the river weaver in Northwich, has dropped recently. A relatively small programme at Grange seemed to be on the rise when we saw the likes of Scott Ozsanslav-Harris making it to worlds and some decent Henley performances and doubles performances from this school. However with the loss of a big year group and now a relatively small J18 and J17 contingent they seem to be pooling from their 16s so this will no be their top strength fours unless they have let the 16 who was in their top boat drop back down. Its hard to see how they will do with the new transition in coaching but we hope this is a strong 16 year to bring the Grange to bring them back to the front of school based sculling .


Yarm I believe will not be the main contender in this race. With their J15 4x not qualifying for the semis at NSR last year whilst Granges quad made the final it would be hard to see how they could overhaul this. However big changes could have occurred and they could  be a whole new force on the circuit, stranger things have happened in junior rowing.

Star Club

The only thing recent results tell me is that star came second in the J16 category at the most recent Bedford head. The fact it was second out of three means it shouldn’t tell me anything really but it does a little. This is because I saw they were not massively far behind a very good Globe RC crew could suggest they have something half decent for Trent.

Trentham BC

Trentham always have a habit of producing some tidy quads which usually do the business at local events but falter at the bigger ones and this crew is fulfilling the first stage but we hope for better national performances. The boys have done well at events on the Dee in Chester, beating their opposition by rather large margins, so this shows they could be the main contenders this weekend.


I think the winners will either come from the Grange or Trentham but its a toss up between them in this case with so little racing between these crews