Head of the Trent 2017 – J16 8+

This category has not been inundated with entries, in fact there are only 3 entries and two are from the same school. We are not likely to learn a huge amount from the result of this for the wider J16 event given the lackluster form of one of the schools and the lack of results for the other, but it might be interesting to see how these crews compare to one another.


Recent results under the names listed have been hard to find but at the recent Wycliffe Head Shrewsbury performed decently as an outfit and their J15 Championship 8+ placed 4th at the national schools last year. Whilst one cannot dwell upon last year’s results, if they want to replicate this standard of performance or go better they will need to win this and win it comfortably. They do have two eights entered but I would be extremely surprised to find matched eights and expect this to be a first and second eight.

Bedford Modern School

This eight has been propping up the tail end of the results board in recent races such as Hampton and Quintin Head and it would be an extraordinary upset to see these boys beating Shrewsbury given that they only managed to win the D-final of J15 championship eights and were 52 seconds behind Shrewsbury on time.