Hammersmith Head 2017 – J18 4x

Hammersmith Head is perfect for the run up to SHORR in terms of it being on the tideway. However the use to quads could be limited as quads tend to go to the Scullery at Dorney rather than going to the Tideway for SHORR. Anyway the course is approximately 2  and 3/4 miles long and with that on with the preview.

Fulham Reach BC-

Personally I think that it’s great to see an entry from this club into this event. Fulham Reach is a club which gives the opportunity to row for those who cannot afford bigger club memberships or a big private school. They say their ‘main body of work is helping local state schools to become established rowing schools with the aim of them becoming competitive at a national level’. So with this in mind I believe that this club will not be competitive yet but in the future with what they provide we could see some really good quality rowers coming from the state schools around Fulham.

Cardinal Vaughan Sch BC –

Well what do you know? You talk about Fulham Reach reach helping state schools establishing themselves, and here is one of them. You probably have no idea who they are but they are a state funded school who row out of the boat club at Fulham Reach, so whilst they are newly established, there is certainly the potential for producing top athletes in the future, especially considering their strong rugby scene.

London Oratory A/B –

Last year London Oratory had the dream year winning NSR and getting through to the Thursday of Henley. However most of that 8 has left from that strong year group. They have some pretty decent J17s who made the final of the J16 4 + where as their 18s didn’t make it that far. So with the lack of depth to form a decent 8 when they were in the lower year groups and not topping J16 fours which is not the most hotly contested event, its hard to see LOS replicating the same form as last year. However a top quad at Hammersmith may come first or second given the opposition.

St Pauls School –

It doesn’t seem feasible that this would be their top boys in this boat or even their second, third or fourth top four boys. This seems to be a given due to the fact they have all their guys racing in some sort of race this weekend. So I couldn’t tell you who would even be in this maybe their 16s I don’t know. It could be a decent performance from these guys; probably not first but far from last.

Westminster School –

With no 8 out at reading or Hammersmith this weekend one might think with the poor performance at HOCR Westminster might be trying out the 4X to gauge the speed they might be pumping out in it. With the athletes they have it may be a smart choice but rumour has it they are in the 8 for SHORR. If these are the top 4 guys you can safely bet they will win this weekend.