Hammersmith Head 2017 – J18 8+

The weeks until schools head are beginning to tick down and schools will now be set into their eights, with their focus trained upon Schools’ Head and Mens’ Head in March. This race will be used by schools possibly for invaluable tideway practice or simply because it easy and convenient. This year there is a decent field, despite some first eights being absent from the category, there are still some respectable schools here to race.


Latymer have had a decent showing early in the season; respectable placings at the February trials and a 2nd place in Junior school 4-s at Hampton Head and with this form they should look to be up there for the win. This is particularly the case if they have any Championship eight aspirations this year as a quick scan of the entries show many other championship school first eights entered into higher categories.


We do not often see these boys in an eight but they had passable results in this boat at Hampton Head as well as an impressive top ten finish for one of their pairs from the February trials. Against a weaker field of mostly second eights with some J16, these guys should be strong.


Speaking of J16 this is Hampton’s J16 first eight which has been performing well against other J16 eights but it is highly unlikely that these guys will be able to beat boys who are older and more experienced than themselves. They should feature strongly but are unlikely to win.

St Pauls

They have two crews entered which is probably a second eight and a J16 eight. This statement could cause you to think that they will be slow, but they are unlikely to be as Pauls are sending 9 boys to Spring Assessments this year. Even my maths is good enough to know that is one too many for a first eight so they have some considerable engine power in their second eight. Likewise Oliver Parish, a J16, also made it to February trials, indicating that these guys are also going to be good. Although they might not be able to top some first eights, expect a high placing from one of these crews.