Hammersmith Head 2017 – WJ18 4x

This particular event may not feature any of the top quads in the country, but it should still be a competitive race for all involved. Last year is appears there was one entry in this category, so to have eight crews this year will be a lot more interesting. Realistically, these are the three crews that will have shot at winning:

Latymer Upper Sch– This could be a great race for Latymer. Fourth place in the quad at Fours Head is promising result and shows the improvement of this team. They have some strong individuals, including trialist Carter Nelson. A 5/22 finish at Hampton Head in the quad shows potential and puts them as the fastest crew going into the race. Their B quad may have a bit of a drop in speed but could still be able to beat Norwich School, Barn Elms and Kings College School

Thames– At Fours Head in the quad 11/27 was a decent result for this club. That crew did not contain Munyard, a J18 trialist, or Knight, a U23 lightweight trialist, so with the addition of their two fastest girls, this boat could potentially go much faster. At Hampton Head they placed 9/22 in a tough field, and they may be looking to improve their results as the season goes on.

St Pauls Girls Sch BC– Second at Fours Head in the four is a great result and indicates this crew could potentially be fast, if prioritized. However, 18/27 at Fours head in the quad shows that this team may not have the depth to field both a competitive four and quad, and there is a good chance they’ve prioritised the four.

Special mention goes to LYR who have a chance of placing top half. The final predication for the win goes to Latymer.