Hammersmith Head 2017 – WJ168+

Another key event in the countdown to SHORR later this month, which should give us a telling account of how these crews will fare on the Tideway.

St Paul’s are racing their first eight at Hammersmith on their home stretch, so I foresee them battling it out hard on Sunday. Their win at Quintin Head shows they know how to use their home stretch to their advantage, so it will be interesting to see them race against the other crews in this category. They did not perform well in the eights at Hampton Head, coming sixth, but as this was such a low placement this may not have been their first eight.

I see this crew winning this category, although they haven’t raced their top eight this season (as far as I know) but they smashed last season at nationals so have a good reputation in the eights. Although this not being their top eight, their prowess in this age group I think will still grant them this win. Then again, with little performance this season so far it’s hard to know.

Their top eight came fourth to Latymer’s first at NSR so I see this crew coming second at Hammersmith. This year group is one of Emanuel’s top for girls so I think if they are to do well it is likely to be in this category, but due to last year’s performances I don’t see them down for the win.

Last year at NSR they were in fact beaten by Latymer’s B crew so unfortunately I see them coming last in this event. On the other hand, they may be coming back with a vengeance and they did beat SPGS’s A 8 at NSR – so there is everything to play for. With SPGS winning Quintin, they would seem to be doing well this season, but if they are a challenger to Godolphin this will show it wasn’t a fluke. However if SPGS lose, I see Godolphin rising up the ranks this season. Let’s see what happens.

Godolphin v St Paul’s Girls