Oarsport Junior Sculling Head 2017 – J164x

This event will take place the day after schools head meaning that some crews that are racing will have to contend with added fatigue that some others might not have. Nonetheless there will be exciting and close racing.


These boys look on form to be the strongest crew; they won the Hampton Head convincingly, beating most of their opposition and also took the pennant at Kingston Hed. They have performed consistently well in the early season races with wins at Hampton Small Boats head. I make them favourites.


They have been beaten by Walton at Hampton Head but have recorded strong results at the Vesta Scullers head and come from a club with a good deal of pedigree. They will be a force to contend with racing on home water in what will be highly testing conditions


They have been beaten in the quad a few times this year but they have a strong double that has been winning most of the events they enter. Whilst typically stronger on the girls scene they will nonetheless feature in the fight for the medals


This is an unusual entry – they do not tend to dabble in sculling too much but with these boys likely coming out of a strong looking eight they will be fast. The question is if they can overcome the fatigue they will have in their legs from Schools Head the day before and how well they handle the transition between sculling and sweep.

Windsor Boys School

This school has a lot of pedigree in quads, with their senior quad looking like favorites to win the championship event at SHORR. This year’s group haven’t been as impressive in similar circles but will likely put in a strong performance


Good luck to all crews