Oarsport Junior Sculling Head 2017 – WJ15 4x+

This is an extremely large division of 73 entries meaning that there will be some very close racing making the crews hard to pick apart from each other at this stage. As J15’s many of these girls have not really had a chance to prove themselves and this will be there first proper chance at a national event. All of the top clubs are being represented in this race by their juniors and this race will give us a good look at some of the emerging top rowers as we move into the regatta season. I’m going to have a look at some of boats that I think will come in the top ten.


Latymer Upper School Boat Club will also be ones to watch having recently had very strong results at Hammersmith head coming 1st, 2nd and 4th. They also placed 1st and 4th in a very large division at Hampton Head. There is a very strong group of WJ15 who will definitely deliver on Friday.


Henley Rowing Club are always fierce competitors and have recently been able to do very well in this particular quad coming a firm first place at Henley long distance sculls and also first at Upper Thames Autumn Head but that was by a much smaller margin. In February at Quinton head they came second to Latymer Upper School Boat Club, this was due to it being their first Tideway race and being unfamiliar to the course. Henley will definitely come in the top ten on Friday and will be ones to watch.


Another strong club at this event will be Tideway Scullers School. The WJ15’s placed 3rd at Hampton head behind Henley and Latymer. Throughout the head season they have had very good results and they should be looking for a top ten finish on Friday.


At the end of February Ross Rowing Club raced at Avon County Spring Head with a number of WJ15’s taking wins in their categories. If Ross’ quad is made up of girls who won at that event they could be quite a strong quad.


Lady Eleanor Holles Boat Club placed 5th at Hampton head which looks to be a good indicator to how this race will play out as many of the crews competed there. They have had some very strong results at national level and are another crew who will be targeting a top 10 finish.


Surbiton High School Boat Club have some very strong junior scullers and placed 7th at Hampton head. They will be likely targeting a top ten finish but there is the question of whether they will be able to match the performance of some of the crews I’ve previously mentioned at national level.


Hinskey Sculling School look as though they should be able to get a fast time recently having good results at Gloucester Spring Head and a win for this quad at Avon County Spring Head. It will be interesting to see how this crew does at a national event.


Other crews to watch are Maidenhead Rowing Club who are often able to do very well at events they compete in and Kings School Worcester Boat Club who seem to be able to do well at local events.


As there are so many boats in this division there will be some very close results making it very hard to call who will finish top three. We are likely to see some unexpected crews finishing in the top ten and it will be interesting to see how this division plays out. After looking at the entries I think Latymer Upper School will finish first with Henley Rowing Club close behind them.


Good Luck to all racing!