Oarsport Junior Sculling Head 2017 – WJ17 4X

The Scullery is one few large events with a WJ17 category, providing a good opportunity for girls coming up from J16 to win medals, without the competition of some of the top crews in the country.  However, due to a lack of J17 events, this category tough to predict since there’s not much to compare these crews on, as they will have been previously mixed into J18 crews, so I’m basing some of these predictions on previous J16 results.



Henley have some very strong J17’s this year, following from a win in J16 4X and J16 8+ at NSR last season. Although some of their top J17’s will likely be racing up, Henley have always shown good depth through their squad, and these 2 crews should demonstrate this. They also won J16 and J17 at last year’s scullery, by nearly 30s in both, so based on this and their consistency I think they could grab the win in this event.



Similar to Henley, Headington have always raced to a very high standard, and their J17’s will definitely be strong. Last year, they came 2nd to Henley in both J16 4x and 8+, so I reckon there will still be a lot of competition between these two club. Although they do have 3 quads (most likely their faster quads) racing J18, they are a large squad, so I think these girls will fare well in this event.



LEH have been improving over the years, and I suspect the current J17s will be raising the bar for their squad. In the J16 quads at OJSH last year, LEH took 3rd, 5th and 10th place – a very strong performance. As with the majority of these crews, they won’t contain the top scullers, but given these results, these girls should get a good result on Friday.



Latymer have no J18 crew entered today, but do have 2 quads racing CHG4X at SHORR, so I’m unsure of whether there will be any overlap in crews (and if it will be their top J17s). They have shown good consistency recently, with 4 doubles placing within the top 14 at Hampton Head. This is encouraging to see, and I’m excited to see how they fare in this event.


I suspect the results could be pretty tight between Henley and Headington for the top spot, but I think Henley could just pip this one. 3rd place looks more open, LEH could grab bronze but given the little information on most crews, this could be a bit of a surprise.


Although I’ve only mentioned a few clubs, this event is very unpredictable and anything could happen on the day, so I’m excited to see the results of this event.


Good Luck to all crews racing!