Wallingford Regatta 2017 – WJ16 4+

After a few weeks of training camps, seat racing and deciding crew boats for many of these clubs, Wallingford is the first test in the run up to National Schools Regatta at the end of May. There are 2 heats of 6 crews in each; the fastest of each heat will automatically proceed to the final, as well as the next fastest 4 across both heats. This makes it crucial for competing crews to aim for their fastest time, because even if they aren’t near the top of their heat, they could still make the final. I’m expecting to see some very competitive racing between these boats and I’m excited to see the results.



2 crews have been entered into this event, and with reputation for strong sweep boats, I suspect at least one of these crews will be in the final. They came 5th at Hampton Head back in February, a strong result which they will have built on since then.



With a 4th at Hampton Head, Putney will certainly be looking to hold their lead on LEH, and build on it against the other crews entered. They’ll definitely be looking to final and work up into the top 3.



Coming just behind Putney and LEH at Hampton in 6th place, Emanuel will also be looking to move up the ranks in this category. With a good history in fours, including previous Nat Schools wins in WJ18 4+’s, these girls should be able to secure a place in the final.



Although they only raced time at Hampton, they would have come 6th, keeping them close to other crews in this event. They will definitely be another boat looking to final on Sunday.



One of the only crews in this event who appear to have raced at SHORR, coming 5th and 9th, as well as 1st and 5th in J4+ at SHORR. This shows a good depth within their squad, so I suspect this crew will have a good wealth of experience to get them to the final.


Although there’s no recent J16 4+ results, HENLEY have always had impressive depth in their squad, particularly in sweep events demonstrated by their win in WJ4+ at Fours Head. I’m interested to see how Henley’s J16 squad compare.

Similar to Henley, MARLOW don’t seem to have any J16 4+ results, but they’ve always had a strong squad and should be able to reach the final on Sunday.


I suspect the top few crews will be fairly tight, and there could be an unpredicted result, however I think Godolphin, Putney and LEH are in with a good chance of the top 3 spots.


Good Luck to all crews racing!