Wallingford Regatta 2017 – WJ18 4x

Overall the entries in this event are from less dominant clubs so this is a relatively open field. Despite only having four crews, Heat C is probably the most competitive, with Heat B being the easiest heat.

Latymer Upper School-
LTU has a great shot of winning their heat and the final as well. Latymer has only entered sculling boats for their girls, and their J18’s will be racing this quad event and the challenge quads as well. 4/27 at Fours Head in the W Jun 4x- was a strong start to the season, and 5/22 at Hampton Head backs this up so far. They didn’t race The Scullery, but 2/29 at Schools Head in the Girl’s Jnr 4x- is promising even if that result doesn’t mean much given the conditions of the race.

Shrewsbury School-
Even if they don’t manage to beat LTU, this crew has a decent chance of making the final. 9/30 in the WJ18 4x- at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head puts them right between BMS and SWP in terms of speed.

St Paul’s Girls School-
Even though they seem to be prioritizing Fours and an Eight at Wallingford, this ‘B’ crew from SPG could actually be the strongest crew in Heat B. SPG places 13/30 in the WJ18 4x- at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head, although they probably will be prioritizing sweep for their top girls at Wallingford so this quad lineup will be weaker than their Scullery one.

Great Marlow School-
GMS is the other crew that has a shot of winning Heat B. Although their placement at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head in the WJ18 4x-, 17/30, was worse than SPG, this is the club’s only girls crew entered today and should therefore be a priority boat. They have a decent chance of winning this heat.

Bedford Modern School-
At Hampton Head, BMS placed 12/22, 7seconds behind SWP. 8/30 was a therefore an improved result in the WJ18 4x- at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head

Sir William Perkin’s School-

At Hampton Head SWP placed 8/22 in a tough WJ18 4x- field. 10/30 was a solid result in the WJ18 4x- at Oarsport Junior Sculling Head, 4 seconds off BMS.

Thames placed 9/22 at Hampton Head, in between BMS and SWP. This should mean a tight race between BMS, SWP, and Thames to win Heat C, but all of them have a good shot at progressing with times.

Final predictions: Latymer, Shrewsbury, Great Marlow, Thames, Bedford Modern, and Sir William Perkins progress to finals with Latymer winning overall.