Junior Sculling Regatta 2017 – J16 2x

This regatta is a new concept, instituted last year by the organisers of the Junior Sculling Head to fill the void left by the truncated NSR program. Thus, it rather confusingly included some sweep events. It is back this year, but two weeks before National Schools’ rather than the day after, and has attracted a reasonable number of entries. In no meaningful order…

The name given on the draw here is Myer, who raced in Westminster‘s J15B boat last year, a coxed four. With this in mind, and considering Westminster’s focus on eights across the year groups in recent years, I reckon this is the weaker guys in the squad being given a chance to race. I’d be surprised if they were really fast.

Despite not being able to find Walton on a map, I can tell you that this will be a good J16 crew. They finished third in J154x+1 last year, and have put in a decent showing at smaller races throughout the season. My pick for the win.

Marlow and Molesey
Honourable mentions if you will. Marlow‘s entry features “Biggs” – younger brother of Henley winner and current Brown Bear Rufus? Given Marlow‘s proximity to Borlase, this seems likely. Speaking of Borlase, I don’t expect much of them here. Things appear to have gone a little floppy with them since the departure of Robin Dowell, who is now working his magic in Switzerland as seen by Nico Stahlberg‘s surprise win in Belgrade at the weekend. Molesey could always produce a fast double, but generally J16 is a little too soon for them – their best talents tend to emerge a little later in the day.

American School in London
The ASL program has produced Tyler Skow, a formidable J18 sculler who will likely secure himself a GB vest this year. Having good talent in the boathouse can do wonders for the youngsters in a less established club, and the double sculls is probably a good boat class for ASL, who like many schools face a constant battle of numbers.

There are of course other entries, but Walton look to be the standout entry and should walk away with this one. I look forward to seeing if anyone can turn them over.