Junior Sculling Regatta 2017 – WJ15 4x+

Junior Sculling Regatta is now in its second year and will definitely give a good preview into the best WJ15’s and what we are likely to see moving forward into the regatta season. There are a number of strong entries here from many of the clubs which are producing the strongest juniors heading into the regatta season. It is still very early on in the season with the only regatta which had similar entries to the ones that will be at junior sculling head being Wallingford. Due to the adverse conditions at Wallingford many of the crews were unable to meet their full potential making it challenging to separate the best crews for this division. In this preview I will be looking at some of the crews with the best shots of placing highly this Sunday.


Latymer Upper School have three crews entered all of which are likely to produce some very strong results. There is a very talented group of juniors at Latymer upper school and have been successful throughout the head season and have had a very promising start to the regatta season. These girls never fail to place well, with their top two crews placing 1st and 3rd respectively at Wallingford. They are definitely a force to reckon with and I predict that they will take first place at Junior Sculling Regatta with their second crew placing within the top five.


Tideway Scullers School are another very strong set of girls who are always constantly at the top. If this is the same crew which raced at Wallingford they finished very close to the top Latymer Upper School crew so are likely to be looking to challenge them for the top spot. I predict a top three finish for these girls.


Henley RC have been producing some pretty decent results and with two crews entered they are likely to be looking for a strong finish from at least one boat. Saying this, I would be surprised to see them in contention for the top spots and I don’t think that they will be seen as much of a threat for Latymer Upper School.


Wallingford RC have one crew entered which is unlikely to be up there with the top results. From looking at recent results they are a strong group so I expect these girls will put in a decent row and will get a very respectable time. They should definitely place comfortably in the top ten. Other crews to mention are Kings School Worcester who look to have entered two strong boats but have been missing from any larger events so it is hard to compare them to the other boats racing. Marlow RC and Emanual School should both be able to do very well but I am struggling to find any results for either of them which I can compare to the others.


St Paul’s Girls’ School have some strong juniors and are likely to finish towards the top of this division. Both Sir William Perkin’s School and Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School each have a strong set of WJ15’s so there is no reason that they shouldn’t be able to do very well this Sunday.


My predictions are that Latymer Upper School will take the top spot with its top crew and Tideway Scullers School will closely follow them.


With a very strong draw and few results to go on from the current regatta season it was very hard to separate the best crews as all entered have a chance at the top spots. I am really looking forward to seeing the results of this one as I think that it will be very close and will give a hint to how the regatta season will shape up and who may be ready to take the top spot at National School’s regatta at the end of May.


Best of luck to all crews racing this Sunday