Junior Sculling Regatta 2017 – WJ16 4X


The Junior Sculling Regatta takes place at Eton Dorney, just 2 weeks before National Schools on the same course, providing great preparation, and likely against some of the same crews, giving a good indicator of where each crew stands and a chance to identify any changes that need to made to up the boat speed. I’m excited to see how these crews do, and what the results will show.



Henley have been at the top end of many events this season, with wins at Schools Head and Hampton Head, as well as 2nd at NJSH. Henley have always had great depth in their squad, and coupled with these results, this crew should be going for the win on Sunday, and I think they have a very good chance of taking it.



Thames have had a strong season so far, with 3rd place at Schools Head, a win at Hammersmith Head, and 4th place at Wallingford coming into regatta season shows a promising few weeks ahead for them. They look to be one of the stronger crews in this event and should definitely be aiming to medal.



Borlase had a good result at NJSH, coming in 9th, however they only came 10th at Wallingford a few weeks ago, so may not be quite up to the standards of some of the other crews, so I’m interested to see how they do.



Marlow haven’t been in too many races recently, but came 6th and 12th at NJSH, showing a good depth through their squad. I think they’ll be looking to build on this result, and similar to many other crews, they should be fighting for a spot in the A final.



Molesey haven’t raced their quad at many large events this year, but did come 12th at Hampton Head, and recently came 6th at Wallingford. This result is promising in the run up to National Schools, and they should be aiming to make the A final on Sunday, and work their way up towards the top 3.



Putney do tend to stick to sweep, but have been racing their quad a lot, coming 13th at Schools Head, 4th at Hammersmith Head, and 9th at Wallingford. These results don’t put them in the top few crews of this event, but they should still be going for a spot in the A final.


I reckon Henley will take gold in this event, followed by Thames and Molesey; however, this event is very diverse and I think there could be a few surprises in the results, and I’m excited to see how it goes.


Good Luck to all crews racing!