Junior Sculling Regatta 2017 – J15 4x+

There are 19 crews entered into this category, making it one of the more competitive events of the regatta.

Tideway scullers always produce strong sculling crews, especially at the J15 Level. Both in 2015 and 2016, the TSS J15 4x+ took silver at NSR. This crew will be looking to equal (or better) those performances in two weeks time and will be eager to assert their early dominance in this category, and prove that they mean business in the buildup to NSR. They have had a good start to the season and won at junior inter-regionals, therefore making them the favourites for this race.

Latymer have had a great start to the season, winning pretty much every race they have been to. They have dominated the 8+ and recently won Marlow Springs in the quad. They are definitely a crew to watch.

This Windsor Boys crew came 3rd at the Junior inter regionals and were beaten by the above mentioned Tideway Scullers crew by 6 seconds. Windsor Boys school consistently produce fast quads, and so it’s highly likely that these boys have found some more speed since then. They recently won at Bedford regatta, and so It’ll be interesting to see if they can get closer to (or beat) Tideway scullers this weekend.

Henley, Molesey and Claire’s Court should also not be underestimated.