Junior Sculling Regatta 2017 – J16 4x

The Regatta is coming into is second year and it’s basis for creation was due to the dropping of several events which had been previously included In the NSR programme. What is slightly confusing is the fact that this event was never dropped from the NSR programme, so I assume its inclusion is to replicate the similar relationship we have between Schools Head and the Sculling Head.

Windsor Boys School

Windsor boys are definitely one of the establishment sculling schools in the country. Their J16s however haven’t had the greatest of seasons so far with a somewhat respectable 7th place behind City of Bristol (albeit their B crew) at the scullery. They also failed to launch their Regatta season at Wallingford regatta, being some way off the pace. However Wallingford regatta isn’t the best gauge with the headwind playing havoc with the lighter crews which I can imagine Windsor boys are. So we still may see them in the mixer considering they made the final in the J15 coxed quad last year.

Tideway Scullers School

Scullers have been either the top or one of the top performers this year putting in some really good shifts recently. They won the scullery by 3 seconds ahead of this seasons rivals Marlow. However at Wallingford the result was reversed with Marlow just pipping scullers by just over a second in their heat. This recent loss should spur on the scullers to try and cement their position as the top crew coming into NSR by securing the win this weekend, if they don’t do this it could further open the door for Marlow.

Marlow RC

The Town of Marlow has been synonymous with the winners of the Fawley, be it Marlow or Borlase, if you look over the last few years it been one of them (Except last year). This crew from Marlow should be looking to set a marker to try and continue this legacy, and they are in a good position in their J16 year to do so. As I have mentioned Marlow were just behind Scullers in the head season but have turned it around recently trading places with them at Wallingford just edging them out. This could suggest that when it comes to the side by side racing as opposed to the time trial that Marlow just have the advantage. It will be interesting to see the result, as if Marlow win again it could demoralise scullers and allow them to win at NSR.

Other Mentions

Star and Globe both chose to race at SHORR rather than Sculling head and both found themselves behind Marlow but Globe still ten seconds ahead of Star. Globe also didn’t go to Wallingford so we can’t see their speed against the other crews in the regatta season but from what we can see is that Star were just behind Windsor boys school so this could mean that we see Globe coming in for the bronze behind the intense battle for first.

1st- Marlow/TSS -Too much of a toss up to choose between them

3rd Globe