National Schools’ Regatta 2017 – J16 Girls Coxed Fours

National Schools’ Regatta will be the accumulation of nearly a year of work for each crew. With limited WJ16 events throughout the season it is quite difficult to identify the top crews which will make it even more interesting to see the results of the event. This looks to be a strong category with many of the top crews putting entries into it.


Lady Eleanor Holles School are known for strong sweep entries and don’t look like they will disappoint this year. With three entries they have clearly been doing a lot of work in these boats. Back in February at Hampton head they placed fifth and have no doubt improved since then. Prioritising sweep more than some of the other clubs will have done will give them an advantage because of their knowledge of the boat and ability to work together.


Emanuel School appear to have been doing a lot of work in sweep boats but have not had any noticeable wins. At Wallingford they finished towards the top but after the final was cancelled were unable to assert their place. They also look as though they have been doing well in their eight and the four is likely to be the best out of this boat. It will definitely be a strong crew.


Putney High School beat Emanuel School at Bedford Spring Regatta and back in February placed fourth at Hampton head beating Lady Eleanor Holles. They have had a lot of success in sculling boats so it will be interesting to see how their four stands up to their quad. Saying this they look to be a strong four and will certainly be looking to finish towards the top.


Henley RC certainly have proved themselves to be at the top of their game recently. At junior inter-regional regatta their coxless four made up of girls who are in the coxed four on Sunday came first and have continued to impress throughout the season in both scull and sweep boats. With a great depth of rowers throughout the squad they will definitely look to be targeting a top three finish.


Headington School have a very large squad and will no doubt have a very strong boat. There are limited results for them so far but the results that they have had are all very good and have seen them placing in the top three. There is no doubt that they will be targeting a finish towards the top on Sunday.


Godolphin and Latymer had success at Putney town regatta winning the novice event. Throughout the season they have been racing in lots of different division making it hard to compare them to the other crews. They look to have done a lot of work in sweep boats so should have a powerful boat.


Tideway Scullers School placed third in a coxless four at junior inter-regional regatta and look to have had some very good results so far. In particular they have had numerous sculling successes so it will be interesting to see how this four does.


Enniskillen Royal Boat Club appear to have had limited results and as an Irish club there are few comparable results. The results which they have had have been good so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them do very well.


Other crews to mention are Sir William Perkin’s School, Marlow RC and Cheltenham College all of which look to be very strong and will be likely to put in a good performance on Sunday.


There will certainly be some strong competition in this event and I think it will be very close. I’m eagerly awaiting the results of this one and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some unexpected results come through.


Although it is hard to judge I think Henley RC, Headington School and Putney High School will be looking to finish in the top three.


Good luck to all crews racing this weekend!