National Schools’ Regatta 2017 – Championship Girls Single

A massive 54 entries in the Champ Girls 1x this year promises some very exciting racing this Saturday. With many of these girls high up in the current or past trials processes, a few now competing at U23 level, and some well-established junior scullers, there will certainly be some tight racing and battling right to the line. Being in a single, it is arguably one of the more mentally tough events, and these girls will need to keep their composure all day in order to smash their time trial, and set them up well for semis and finals later in the day.



Last season, Glover dominated the GB sculling scene, leading the field by massive margins, and topped off her season with a silver medal in the Worlds quad. Being a 1 year trialist, she’s moved up to U23s this year, taking this transition in her stride, and finishing 8th overall in April assessments. Although she hasn’t had a massive presence in junior racing this year, she won the U19 2x and 4x at Senior Brit Champs. She also won this event at last year’s NSR, so will be certainly looking to hold this title. With all this experience behind her, I think Glover is certainly the one to watch in this event.



Isle of Ely has been producing some strong athletes recently, and these girls are no exception. They have had previous successes in singles, both reaching the A final in J17 1X at the Junior Sculling Regatta (Lyster in 2nd, Welch in 5th). While Welch has shown big improvements this season, recently winning the J18 1X at this year’s JSR, Lyster has been establishing herself as one of the top scullers in the trials process, and was selected for Munich Regatta, coming away with silver in the quad.



Campbell has been rapidly moving up in the trials process, recently coming 2nd at April assessments. With some impressive results in crew boats for Exeter Uni, including a win in U23 4X at Senior Brit Champs this year, she should certainly be going for an A final finish on Saturday.



Willford-Dutton competed at Coupe last year, winning gold in the 8+, and has progressed well this season, earning a spot at Munich Regatta and Junior Europeans, coming 2nd in the 4X at Munich. Though she doesn’t appear to be one of the fastest scullers in this event, she should still be going for an A final finish.



Donald has competed predominantly in sweep events in the past, earning a place in the Coupe 4- last season. She’s remained consistent this year, and recently competed at Munich and Junior Europeans in 2- and 4-. Donald should perform well this weekend; however, she may not be able to reach the top spots against others who have more experience in singles.



Stevens showed great improvements last season, working her way up to the top end of the trialing process, and earning a spot in the Worlds quad alongside Glover, winning silver. Her progress in a single was also demonstrated by a win at Henley Women’s JW 1X. Again with Glover, she won the U19 title at Senior Brit Champs, and has also been competing at U23s this year, and although she is not at the top end, this racing experience amongst the top scullers in the country will put her in good stead in this event.



Adamson was part of Gloucester Hartpury’s winning Diamond Jubilee crew at HRR, and since moving into singles this season she has performed extremely well, remaining consistently within the top 3 scullers at trials. She also competed at both Munich and Junior Europeans, winning a silver medal and Munich in the quad, and reaching the A final in a single at Europeans. This international experience, particularly in a single, will have prepared her well for this event.



From 3rd place in the J17 1X B final at last year’s JSR, Brunsberg has made impressive progress this year. A clear win at Pairs Head in the 2x with Bake, coupled with a win in WJ 1X at Scullers Head just a few weeks later, has shown her to be a top sculler this season. She has maintained this position into the 2K season, coming 2nd in J18 1X at JSR, just 2 seconds behind Welch. I think Brunsberg has a good chance at an A final finish in this category.



Wuethrich looks to be moving up to being one of Headington’s top girls, placing 2nd at Wallingford Regatta in WJ18 1X, and also recently competing for the Swiss national team at Junior European Championships, winning the B final. This international experience puts Wuethrich in strong position going into this event, however it may not be enough to medal.



Despite only being a J17, Dunford has had a fantastic season, constantly ranking as the fastest sculler at GB trials, and earning her a spot at Munich Regatta. She’s also been successful in crew boats, with a win at SHORR, 10 seconds ahead of the next crew, (even with a massively shortened course), and a recent win at Wallingford in the 2X shows she’s carried this success forward into 2k season. I think Dunford is definitely in contention for a place on the podium this Saturday.



A recent win in the 1X at Wallingford, 2 seconds ahead of Wuethrich, is an impressive result for Dooley, and should give her good momentum for this event. She should be aiming for a spot in the A final, though this might be difficult against such strong competition.


Other scullers who should perform well are Norwich (Bracey), Llandaff (Palmer), ASL (Bake), Twickenham (Duthart) and Latymer (Nelson).

I think Glover will take the win in this event, holding her title, and will be followed by either Dunford, Stevens or Adamson battling it out for 2nd and 3rd. However, with such a huge amount of talented scullers, I suspect there could be some surprises, and I’m excited to see the results.


Good Luck to all girls racing!