National Schools’ Regatta 2017 – J16 Pairs

This is in many ways a hangover category for many of the athletes involved, but there are a number of smaller clubs that will look to unsettle the bigger public school names. That being said, the favorites for this events are athletes who will have raced the previous day in the championship eight category, with many big schools seemingly entering a top pair for this.

St Pauls

This pairing look very strong on paper as both members have already dabbled in the GB trialing process but this pair does not include the highly tipped Parish, begging the question whether this is a second pair behind their top four. However given the form that St Pauls have showcased this year -1st at Schools head, winners at Nott City- this pairing will be strong.


I reckon that this a next pair behind their top coxless four (the more prestigious event) and there form is an unknown coming into the regatta season. Their top eight placed 3rd on the brutally shortened SHORR course, but whether they have translated that form into the regatta season is unknown, this pair may still be in a with a shout for the medals


Again, Radley have a coxless four entered as well but, to break the monotomy, I think that this may well be their top pair. They come out of a strong eight that won Bedford J16 8+, as well as coming second narrowly to St Pauls at Nott City. They also had strong results in a top coxed four at Wallingford. If this is a top pairing they are likely to win.


Eton, with depressing consistency in this regatta, they also have a coxless four entered. Given they controversially decided to enter a top four for SHORR, it wouldn’t be the greatest hypothetical leap to assume that their coxless four will be a top one. Given some unknown and slightly lacklustre form in the regattas, I’d be surprised if they win.

Enniskillen Royal Boat Club

Being Irish there no comparable results post SHORR but they did win J16 1st eights, they will have good speed but the question remains as to whether they can compete with the Championship eight schools who will likely dominate this category. But on the basis of nothing more than a slight hunch, I think that if this is a top pair they will be very competitive.