Henley Womens’ Regatta 2017- WJ16 4x

Henley Women’s Regatta is set to be a fantastic weekend of racing which comes three weeks after National School’s Regatta. We saw some fierce competition at National School’s Regatta making this event even more exciting and competitive. The top placing crews from National School’s Regatta will not be racing in the event this weekend. There are 20 entries into the time trials with the fastest eight qualifying. I will be covering the crews which I think will do well and I am looking forward to seeing the results.


Henley RC have been going from strength to strength over the season but their crew looks to have been scratched at National School’s Regatta so they did not race. Due to them not racing in this event there are no other recent results which are comparable to the other crews so we will just have to see how they do.


Thames RC are a crew which have shown a lot of potential over the season especially as they placed 2nd at Junior Sculling Regatta. At National School’s Regatta they finished 10th in the time trial but then were unable to finish the semi-final. They do look to be a strong crew so it will be interesting to see where they finish.


Headington School were the highest placing at National School’s Regatta out of the crews entered into this event. Coming 3rd in the A final they affirmed their place as a top crew and I expect them to do very well this weekend. We are likely to see this crew emerge at or very near to the top.


Surbiton High School placed 5th at Junior Sculling Regatta but have since struggled to do as well placing 5th in the C final at National School’s regatta. While I expect them to make it through to the semi-finals I can’t see them progressing all the way to the end.


Oxford City had failed to appear alongside any of these other crews until we reached National School’s Regatta. After an impressive performance they placed 6th in the A final and because of this result I would be surprised if we didn’t see them finishing very near to the top this weekend.


Canford School had a very successful result at National School’s Regatta finishing 2nd in the B final. We haven’t seen this crew compete much against the rest of the entries but based on their National School’s Regatta result they should be able to get through the time trials and quite a way through the semi-finals.


Llandaff RC have been mostly absent in this crew from many of the major regattas and head races. They had a good result at National School’s Regatta finishing 5th in the B final and look to be in a similar place to Canford School.


There are a number of other crews worth mentioning such as Sir William Borlase and although they have been unable to make much of a mark this season they did get bronze at Junior Sculling Regatta. There is a composite crew of Cambridge 99/ Isle of Ely RC/ King’s Ely entered which has the potential to do very well but it is impossible to know how these girls will work together and there are no results to go on.


There are plenty of crews in this draw which have the potential to do very well this weekend so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some crews I have not mentioned do very well and I am very excited to see the results of this one. I think that Headington School will take the win.


Good Luck to all crews racing!