Chester Long Distance Sculls 2017 – WJ18 4x

Despite only being a few weeks into the school term many junior rowers are all set and prepared to race at Chester this weekend. Although there are only a small number of entries, there should be some interesting competition between the 6 crews entered.


Royal Chester

This crew will be on their home turf so will have the advantage of knowing the waters. Back in 2016 the club had a WJ16 4x win at National Championships and there is a high possibility that some of those girls could now be in this WJ18 crew therefore creating some strong competition.


York City

York have already got off to a strong start this year at York Autumn Sculls which was last weekend. There was a win for the WJ18 4x as well as another win for the WJ18 2x. From these two early wins it is clear to see that York have a strong WJ18 squad this year and could be a very tough competitor to beat especially with their morale high from the weekend.


King’s School Chester

This school has had multiple pupils go on to race internationally with the GB team with their latest being Amelia Standing at Coupe de la Jeunesse, proving that the club have a very strong potential and suggests that others in the club might follow on to these standards. Last summer the school’s eight made it to the quarter finals of Henley Women’s Regatta which was an immense achievement as they were put against clubs such as Marlow and Henley.


Northwich Rowing Club

Similarly to Chester, Northwich Rowing Club have had previous members race at an international level including Coupe de la Jeunesse this summer, showing that there is clearly hard work and progressive training being taught to the junior ranks of the club. Back in 2015 their WJ16 quad won National Schools’ Regatta so there is a high chance that some of that strong crew may feature in this weekend’s WJ18 4x.


Liverpool Victoria

Although only being a small local club the junior squad enters lots of competitions so they are likely to have a lot of racing experience. It seems that although they don’t seem to have masses of wins they will have been improving each race and will have been strengthening up to bring some good competition against the other crews entered, so hopefully will enjoy a good race early on in the season.



1st York Rowing Club
2nd Chester Rowing Club
3rd King’s Chester





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